Best Desi Food Bloggers

Today we will be looking some of the best Pure Desi Khana Bloggers. As you know Asian food is some of the most tasty and vitamin filled. So lets go!

We will focus on those who have some awesome healthy dishes full of vitamins and nutrients.

Maunika Gowardhan 

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Raised in Mumbai and now living in London Maunika has a wide variety of Indian recipes to tickle your fancy. Her influences stem from home cooking for a real authentic vibe. 

Straight away what caught our attention was the fact that she incorporates turmeric in her food. As you know we are big advocates of turmeric as can be seen by our Organic Turmeric Extract. Maunika uses turmeric in a versatile way for instance in her Bengali Dimer Dalna- an egg and potato curry with tomato, cumin, chilli and turmeric. 

Turmeric is a great anti- inflammatory and digestive aid. It has been researched as having some very therapeutic properties, from the mind to your bones. Maunika's Dalna recipe is mildly spiced and encourages the use of fresh tomatoes as well. 

The great thing about fresh tomatoes is that they will be a good source of vitamin C- an anti oxidant which will be in need these winter months. 

But her use for turmeric doesn't stop at Dalna as she uses it cleverly in her Lucknowi Gobi Aloo ki Tahiri too. This is a dish originating from another part of India completely in Utter Pradesh, and makes use of chunky potatoes and a tablespoon of turmeric which will give you around 15g of this wonderful herb. 

What struck us was how fresh the ingredients were that the recipes encouraged you to use. She is definitely in our good books due to her love of turmeric too!

Check out Maunika's blog and recipes at:  

Health Food Desi Videshi 

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This is an awesome blog by Sangeeta Khana, India which caught our attention due to its assortment of healthy food ingredients and choices all of which are full of vitamins. 

One interesting recipe is the Potato and Dill Leaves Salad. Dill leaves (Sholpa in Bengali) have been used in Indian cooking for generations and have anti microbial effects and positive cognitive benefits. 

Furthermore Sangeeta urges you to include them with sesame oil and garlic. Now we love garlic too as you can see by our garlic supplement  but we thought it was ingenious to put it in this Dill salad. Mainly because their combination with Dill leaves would create a plethora of different tastes and sensations filling your mouth!

Check out more recipes like this at Sangeeta's site:

Hari Ghotra 

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Hari Ghotra from the UK has a informative blog on the uses of ghee as butter where she looks at its benefits on the gut and how it can be great for those who are lactose intolerant. 

She has in depth knowledge on the uses and benefits of turmeric and states its health benefits which come from curcumin. 

We recommend checking out her Kale and Chickpea recipe as it would provide you with many vitamins. Chickpeas are full of manganese which contributes to normal brain and nerve function and supports metabolism. 

Her recipes are healthy and varied, check them out at:


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