Indian Saffron


priest turmeric use

A brilliant yellow colour, and a citrusy, ginger scent has made many around the world dub turmeric as 'Indian Saffron'. A versatile herb that unfortunately the West has only just started picking up on. In fact turmeric has a very long history and has been used by centuries of communities. 

In North India turmeric has been called 'haldi' since Vedic times and the beginning of organised Hinduism. In South India people call it 'manjal'. It was seen as a holy spice too with its use in rituals and worship. This versatility of turmeric has established it as a bedrock of Indian life. 

This can seen with Eroda a city in South India which is known as 'yellow city' and 'turmeric city' due to the dependence people have on turmeric in their daily lives. Whether it be for cooking, religion or as an antiseptic South India now become the producer of 80% of the world's turmeric.

The spread of Indian influence 

Due to the ubiquitous nature of turmeric and its global reach we at The Living Well Range wanted to bring turmeric to the West as we realised it can be integrated into any community's daily life. Our confidence in this was inspired from its effects on Ethiopian and South Africa cuisine. For the latter turmeric is used to give boiled white rice a golden colour. Similarly across South Asia turmeric plays a part in savoury and sweet dishes and rich curries. 

It is therefore not surprising that the 'reported consumption of turmeric in Asian countries in humans is in the range of 200-1000mg a day' (Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Chapter 13).

And there is big reason for this

In Asian countries turmeric consumption is encouraged. It is ingrained within the culture to consume healthy spices which have come the earth itself. Furthermore as a holy spice Hindus believe it represents and spreads purity

How we can help you reap the rewards of turmeric:

One of the aims of The Living Well Range has been to spread turmeric much in the way it has been in Asia. We want all people to make it a common go to alternative to great healthcare.

For instance turmeric as a supplement can maintain normal rates of cartilage in the body. It can maintain normal digestive function and supports the immune system. 


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