reaping the benefits of turmeric In Indian cooking one usually adds a range of spices to their brew to give the final produce a specific taste or health benefit. For example cardamom is added to lassis and curries to give them their spicy taste. However when these spices are fizzling away in the pot or pan they run the risk of losing their health benefits. 

Cardamom aids digestion however many of its nutrients are lost when its used for cooking. As we have a special focus on turmeric, which in fact also aids digestion and is an anti-inflammatory we will discuss how it too loses its benefits. 

Looking at turmeric- the most effective Indian spice, it is paramount we try to reap its rewards to the greatest extent. To do this we will first examine the active ingredient called in curcumin in turmeric. 

Unfortunately curcumin isn't so actively absorbed into the body. Even before being used in cooking when it is freshly ground from the root and stems of the plant called curcumin longa it doesn't have the capacity to be efficient for our bodies. 

Although it is a healthy alternative to using salt, sugar and fat in our cooking if your want to reap its health benefits we advise taking it in supplement form. 

But how will this help?

This will help because in supplement form we add bioperine or black pepper extract to help the curcumin in the turmeric be absorbed into the body. 

On top of this we use 479mg of fresh organic turmeric in our caplets so you know its the real thing.


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